Ramadan Decoration Contest 2020

​The blessed month of Ramadan is approaching us! The stars are getting brighter and more sparkling, waiting for the Ramadan moon to come and tell us: Ramadan is here!

It is with great pleasure that we announce our first-ever Ramadan Decorating Contest!
​Children FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD are INVITED to participate in this competition. Ages 15 and under.

This year, how will you celebrate Ramadan in your home?

Lets make our houses beacons of Light, to call the Angels and receive the blessings of this special month!

Submit 5 photos of your decorations by clicking the button below and you may win the prize for the best Ramadan decorations of 2020!
(Images could be from inside the house, outside the house, a special Ramadan corner, etc).
​Submit your ​photos here!

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