Ramadan: month of happiness

BismIllah irRahman irRaheem Alhamdulilahi Rabbil Alameen Our Teachers in Tarim sing, on the first night of Ramadan: “Welcome, O Month of Ramadan! Welcome, O Month of seeking God! Welcome, O Month of happiness.” Wait, happiness? really? in a religious rite? Yes! happiness. Happiness is an act of worship – it shows appreciation for God’s Blessings, and it spreads happiness and […]

Rabi al Awwal for Children

The Scholars tells us that the most important action we can do in the month of Rabi’ al Awwal is to show joy and happiness, in gratitude for the birth of Prophet Muhammad . Our children should feel happier at this time of year than any other time. This can be a challenge for us in modern […]

Having your Period: Nothing but a Blessing!

BismIllahJune 1, 2108 Assalam alaykum dearest Beloved I write this letter to you, because it breaks my heart that anyone would feel deprived or punished by the loving action of God in their life. It breaks my heart that we could think in such a destructive way of our Lord, laboring under the harmful belief […]