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The Messenger of God peace and blessings be upon him said:
Charity does not decrease wealth.”

The Messenger of God peace and blessings upon him said:

“God has said, ‘Spend in charity, O child of Adam, and I shall spend on you.”

Trust in the Promises of God and His Messenger peace be upon him.

Give to receive something far greater.

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We are a registered charity. If you are a Canadian resident we will send you a tax receipt for your donation!

Thank you for supporting Sanad Collective. May these services we offer be counted amongst your good deeds:

free counselling

spiritual mentorship for children & youth

masjid safe space open to all

couples therapy

personalized support for everyone who seeks it

courses and retreats with scholars from around the world

The Rhoda Institute for Islamic Spiritual Learning

May God Most Generous fulfil your each and every hope in the most wonderful of ways.